October 24, 2020

About Us

Locked-In Golf™ is dedicated to “transform golf from a game of guess to a game of success.”

Although it took me more than 10 years of research and thousands of experiments to design, develop and perfect techniques to lock-in a straight ball flight alignment and hit a golf ball as straight-as-an-arrow, it was not until later that I was able to design, develop and perfect techniques to lock-in shaped golf shots and a locked-in putting system. In addition, I have designed,developed and perfected the Jackson Golf Method™ which can be found at Jacksongolfmethod,com. The Jackson Golf Method™ consists of three techniques: one to lock-in and produce a straight ball flight, the second to lock-in and produce a fade ball flight and the third to lock-in and produce a draw ball flight.

In addition to perfecting techniques to lock-in straight-as-an-arrow golf shots and shaped golf shots, I also have designed techniques to lock-in short putts as well as long putts. The Locked-In Putting System which addresses Locked-In Short Putt Technique™ and Locked-In Long Putt Technique™ can be found at www.LockedinPutting.com.

I invite you to visit both sites, www.lockedingolf.com that features some 70 techniques to lock-in a straight golf shot and www.lockedinputting.com that features the Locked-In Short Putt as well as the Locked-In Long Putt Technique™. I also invite you to visit the jacksongolfmethod.com website.

Locked-In Golf™ simply approaches golf from a different perspective. Instead of relying on “feel,” muscle-memory and the like, all of which takes guesswork, Locked-In Golf™ relies on locking-in certain bones in a specific way to produce the specific golf shot needed for each occasion.

It simply takes the guesswork out of the equation.

This is why I call it Locked-In Golf™. This is why it is dedicated to “Transform Golf from a Game of Guess to a Game of Success.”
Gordon Jackson