August 8, 2020

Fix A Slice: Simply Move Some Body Parts In A Certain Manner

fix a sliceThe first thing you should know if If you want to fix a slice is that if you assume a comfortable stance and posture to a golf ball, center the sweet spot of your clubface as near to the back of your ball as possible, align your shoulders parallel with your target line, form a conventional grip on your club,keep your head steady and execute a non-manipulative golf swing, you will slice your ball.

A non-manipulative golf swing is one in which there is no intentional or inadvertent manipulation of the club to rotate the clubface off its pre-swing alignments.

Therefore, you should appreciate the reality that the instant you grip a golf club with either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip your clubface will rotate to a slice ball flight alignment

In order to really fix a slice, you must move certain body parts during, or after, gripping your club to rotate your clubface from a slice alignment to a straight ball flight alignment. Then you need to lock-in the straight ball flight alignment.

A straight ball flight alignment will enable you to hit a golf ball straight

When any of my straight Locked-in Golf™ techniques are performed they automatically will cure a slice.

Each one requires some specific body movement, either between or immediately after assuming an overlapping, interlocking or baseball style of grip, to rotate the clubface from a slice alignment to a straight alignment and then to lock-in such straight alignment.

One of my favorite Locked-in Golf ™ techniques is the Jackson Straight Golf Method™.

Instructions to perform the Jackson Straight Golf   Method™ are now displayed on golf.

Given the time limitations of YouTube, the displayed DVD does not contain the entire instructions or the Trouble Shooting Tips that are addressed on the complete DVD,  available at

It does however provide enough information for you to appreciate the significance that you must move your body in some way after gripping your club in order to cure a slice.

Give the Jackson Straight Golf Method ™ a try and see how it will fix a slice in a heartbeat.

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