August 9, 2020

Perfect Golf Swing: Not As Simple As It Seems

the perfect golf swingMany golfers contend a straight golf shot is the result of a perfect golf swing.

 A straight golf shot is not the result of a perfect golf swing if some other ball flight is dictated by the circumstances.

Therefore, if the circumstances call for a fade golf shot then a perfect shot would be the result of a fade. If the situation dictated a draw ball flight then a perfect golf shot would be the result of a draw.

If more than a fade were required, then a perfect golf swing would be a result of a slice. It the situation dictated more than a draw then a perfect shot would be a result of a hook.

A better question is how do you hit a golf ball straight? How do you hit a perfect fade, draw, slice or hook ball flight?

If you believe in the muscle memory golf method that so many instructors teach, you may be able to achieve each such ball flight by aligning your shoulders a certain way in relation to the directional line and then manipulate your club in a specific manner during your golf swing in an attempt to achieve the exact ball flight desired. However, the odds of achieving such a favorable result are highly against you.

The muscle memory theory is not very reliable because if your alignment is slightly off you can expect a “double cross” effect and flight your ball in the opposite direction of the one intended.

If you swing your club too much to the outside or, too much to the inside, of its established swing path you can expect equally disastrous results.

What is exponentially more reliable to produce a perfect shot for the specific situation is to lock-in the ball flight desired during the setup proceedings.

Then assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, center the sweet spot of your clubface as near as possible to the back of your ball, align your shoulders parallel with your directional line-the imaginary line on which you want your ball to fly initially- keep a steady head and execute a simple golf swing without trying to manipulate the club in any way during your golf swing

If performed and executed correctly your ball will fly precisely in the manner you intended. You will experience the perfect golf swing.

It is much more reliable to lock-in the ball flight you desire before, rather than attempting to achieve such a result by manipulating your club in some weird way, after beginning your golf swing.


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