September 19, 2020

Straight Golf Shots: Execute A Simple Golf Swing

simple golf swingCan you imagine how confusing it must be when you are told there are only two swing planes available and you must be on one or the other in order to hit straight golf shots?  

Don’t get me wrong about some of the “Celebrity Golf Instructors” because I do respect each of them although I disagree with most of their theories and instruction, especially how to hit straight golf shots.


 One rather famous instructor contends there are only two swing planes in golf that will produce a pure golf shot.

As you can observe weekly when watching any professional golf tournament, some swing planes are steep, some are shallow and some vary in degrees  between the two.

The suggestion that there are only two swing planes applicable to golf is nonsense. There are numerous degrees of swing planes between the most shallow and the most steep.

Each varying degree of swing plane is determined and influenced by multiple factors, such as how near or far you are standing from your ball, the degree  of your shoulder tilt, the width of your stance, etc..

Allow me to clear up this apparent insanity and share with you that a simple golf swingthat has nothing to do with the swing plane you design.

Instead, it has to do with the swing “path” of the club face. Here are some golf swing tips to help clear up the confusion.

A simple golf swing is executed when the swing path of the clubface  matches the target line at impact irrespective of whether it is on a shallow or steep  plane or on any of the many degrees of planes between them.

More specifically,  in order to drive a golf ball straight , an ideal swing path should be created  and locked-in during the pre-swing proceedings rather than to rely on some manipulation of the clubface during the golf swing to deliver a perfect on line swing path to the ball at impact.

Once an ideal on line swing path of the clubface is locked-in, so will a square alignment of the clubface be locked in.

These are just a fewgolf swing secrets that few instructors and golfers know anything about.

All that will remain will be  to align your shoulders parallel with your target line, center the face of your club directly behind your ball, raise and lower your shoulders slightly to re-sync your shoulders parallel with your target line, keep a steady head and execute a normal golf swing.

Then watch your ball fly on a straight path to your target irrespective of the plane of the swing.

When you use this technique, you will be able hit  straight golf shots all day long.

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