December 8, 2019

How To hit A Golf Ball Straight: What All Beginning Golfers Should Do

how to hit a golf ball straighterIf you have just recently taken up golf you will receive a lot of suggestions and comments on  how to hit a golf  ball  straightfrom friends and acquaintances who have good intentions but probably have little knowledge about how golf really works,

You may also have taken  a few lessons from professional instructors who likewise may know little, if anything, about how to hit a golf ball straight.

Indeed, if you take lessons from several different instructors you may receive completely contradictory golf swing instructions  from one teacher  to another.

Professional instructors typically know how to teach you to grip a club correctly but many fail to emphasize that if you do not lock your right-hand lifeline squarely and firmly on your left thumb your grip will not remain secure during your golf swing.

This could cause you to mishit rather than to hit, straight golf shots.

They also will teach you about how far to stand from the ball, how the ball should be positioned in your stance, how much to flare your feet, how to assume a correct posture to the ball and so on. However, once again, with contradictory instruction from one teacher to another.

Once they are through teaching you such golf fundamentals they then will  begin to teach how to swing the golf club with as much contradiction from one instructor to another as with teaching the basics.

With such contradictory coaching there is good reason why the average recreational and week-end golfer can not break a score of 100 on a championship course, assuming he or she counted each and every stroke with no “give me’s.” With such contradictions do not expect them to improve your golf swing.

There is good reson why the new golfer as well as those who have played for years have no idea how to hit a straight golf shot.

So why is there so much contradictory instruction from professional instructors if they truly are professionals? The answer is they do not know how golf really works and without knowing how golf really works they simply pass down information they learned from instructors who likewise did not know how it works.

As s result, you may never learn how to successfully play golf from professional instructors but please do not despair because there is a simple solution in learning  to play golf.

The quickest and most reliablegolf method to learn the game is to lock-in a square alignment and an on line swing path of your clubface during your setup routine if you wish to hit your ball on a straight path.

Then it is just a matter of centering the sweet spot of your clubface as near to the back of your ball as possible without moving your ball in doing so, assuming a comfortable posture and stance to your ball, aligning your shoulders with your target line to complete your set up proceedings.

Then  keep your head steady, execute a simple golf swingand watch your ball fly on a straight path to your target.

I discuss 70 techniques to lock-in a square alignment and an online swing path of the clubface at as well as in books and  other blogs and articles, as well as to address how to hit a golf ball straight.

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