November 29, 2020

Golf Swing Instructions: Vary Your Tee Height Until You Get It Right

golf swing lessons instructionOne of the most significant golf swing instructions is to vary the height of your tee until you are able to hit the best golfshots possible with each club in your set.

This is one of the most important golf swing instructions because you want the height of your tee to correspond with the sweet spot of the face of each of  your clubs.

A recent article shared some golf swing tips on varying the tee height of each club until you are able to determine the ideal height in terms of distance, accuracy and trajectory. Here is a part of the article.

“Learn how to gauge the right tee height every time. If you tee too low or too high, you won’t get the results you want. You may see a lot of ground balls if you set your tee too low, while you may experience pop-ups that go nowhere if your tee is too high. Choose a tee height that is comfortable for you and stick with it. Take time to perfect your drive, and find the tee height that works best for you. Then, you will be prepared to tee off with the right potential for distance.” Read more…

First of all, you should experiment with your irons if you prefer to tee them up on par three to drive your golf ball straight and far

Considering that manufacturers increasingly are placing more of the weight of the club near the bottom of its face, you may want to barely tee up your irons as the first part of your experimentation and then increase the height of the tee incrementally until you begin hitting your best golf shots.

The same golf method should be applied in determining the ideal height for your woods, whether using the driver or one of your other woods.

If you want to drive your golf ball straight, it is even more important to tee your ball so the sweet spot of the club face strikes the ball squarely.

This means if you tee your ball too high for your driver you will experience unnecessary dispersion and not be able to hit your golf ball staight.

The same holds true if you tee you driver too low, considering the driver is subject to dispersion more than any other club in your set.

Until recently, I teed my driver so that the equator of the ball was even with the top of my club head. This seemed to be in keeping with the conventional consensus.

However, I began varying the height of my tee when using my driver to determine if there was a more ideal height in terms of distance, trajectory and accuracy.

As a result, I began hitting even better golf shots when the top of my ball was  teed evenly with the top of my driver.

Keep in mind, however, that each driver is different, so the best golf swing instructions are to experiment with different tee heights for your own driver and other clubs.

There is not just one standard tee height for each respective club as some have been led to believe.

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