May 28, 2020

Golf Swing Tips:Today’s Golf Instruction Is Unreliable

golf swing tipsOne of the most important golf swing tips is to appreciate  the reality that today’s  method of teaching golf  is unreliable.  

Today’s golf swing tips are to train students how  to manipulate their club in some way during their swing in an attempt to square their club face to their ball at impact.

If  your clubface  is square to the ball at final address there is  no need to manipulate  your club during your golf swing  all of which demonstrates  the clubface is not effectively square to the ball at the completion of the pre-swing proceedings with the conventional instructional golf method.

Today’s type of instruction is completely unreliable  and invalid because no one knows the alignment and swing path of the clubface at the completion of the setup proceedings.

Here Is Why.

The instant you assume a conventional overlap, interlock or baseball style of grip, your wrists will rotate your clubface to an effective open alignment (irrespective of how it may appear) and the swing path of your clubface will rotate to an out-to-in path. This means you have established and created a slice alignment at this point.

However, this slice alignment is not locked in at this point of the setup routine, meaning any body movement after the initial grip is completed will rotate the alignment and swing path of the clubface to a different ball flight such as a hook, push, pull, push-slice or pull-hook alignment.

Since there is no means for the instructor to determine the the alignment and swing path of the clubface  at the completion of the setup routine how does  the instructor know  in which direction and to what degree  the clubface  must be manipulated during the golf swing to square the clubface to the ball at impact?


The truth of the matter is there is no reliable way to coach a student  to square the clubface to the ball at impact by manipulating the club in some manner during the golf swing in order to hit the golf ball straight.

However, there is a solution. The answer lies in teaching golf students to lock-in a square clubface alignment and an on line swing path of the clubface during the setup routine,

Then it just becomes a matter of aligning your shoulders parallel with your target line, centering your clubface directly behind your ball, raising and lowering your shoulders slightly to ensure your shoulders are parallel with your elbow line and then executing a simple golf swing.

Then Watch Your Ball Fly Straight-As-An-Arrow Directly To Your Target.

This way to hit straight golf shots obviously is a better golf swing tip.

Copyright 2012 by Gordon Jackson   hit the golf ball straight


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