August 8, 2020

Improve Your Golf Game: Map Out Your Entire Course From A TO Z

improve your golf gameOne way to improve your golf game is to take a pocket note pad and map out every hole of your home course or, courses you frequently play.

All great tour players routinely do this to improve their play and it likewise will help you improve your golf game.

If you watch golf on television, such as the golf Channel, you will notice how professional golfers frequently will refer to their note pads for each golf shot they encounter in attempting to execute a perfect golf swing.

You should do likewise by first mapping out every hole on the courses you frequently play. You can map such courses during your practice rounds or even over a period of time when playing with a group.

Start with the first tee box and determine its general slope in terms of whether it is relatively level or presents a hook or slice lie.

You should use my Locked Knees Technique™ at different locations of each tee box to determine different ball lies. These golf swing instructions will help you to be able to hit a golf ball straight.

The Locked Knees Technique™  is performed by grasping a golf club in a horizontal manner with your hands separated by a couple of feet, then by placing one end of the club, usually the butt end, over a golf ball while facing the target.

Then lock both knee joints as well as both elbow joints.  how to hit a golf ball dead straight

If the club slants downward to the left it will indicate a hook lie, if it slants downward to the right it will indicate a slice lie and if it neither slants downward to the left or right, it will indicate a level lie.

In many instances, you will have a hook lie at one point of a tee box and a slice lie at another spot. Therefore, you should test different areas of each tee box to determine varying ball lies.

You likewise should analyze each fairway at different spots by using the Locked Knees Technique™ and make notes on your pad as to the general slope of the specific fairway as well as different slopes at various points.

Just because a fairway may appear to slope in one direction or another does not mean it actually does. You should test each one for the actual slope.

Part of your mapping efforts should include distances from different markings in the fairway to the center of the respective green, particularly if you do not have or use a range finder in your play or, if such is not allowed by your local rules or in tournaments.

You also should make notes regarding various bunkers in the fairway and surrounding greens with respect to the type and consistency of the sand within the bunkers.

Lastly and even more importantly, you should make very specific notes about the general slope  as well as varying slopes at different points of each green while using the Locked Knees Technique. Additionally, you should analyze the grain and “stimp” of each green.

You definitely should improve your golf swing by mapping the courses you frequently play from A to Z.

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